Art exhibition

Art gallery exhibitions series 2018

After two very succesful LevensLust art exhibitions in April and May this year, I’m very proud to announce our next art exhibition: Colourful Black. This new exhibition, with my dear artists friends, Joe Etty and Labour of Art will again take place in a very inspiring location in the city centre of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Galerie Niek Waterbolk located in Schoutenstraat 10, is a great authentic former bakery and book store, which is now a beautiful art gallery in the ancient heart of Utrecht.
As from September 24 till 30 you can find us with our latest creations.

What to expect? Firstly of course, a very warm welcome, you’ll also find new abstract colorful art from artist Joe Etty. Beautiful special black ecoleather designs by Labour of Art and a selection of my own art.

When in Utrecht, do like art lovers do.
Feel free to walk in the art gallery, we’re pleased to meet you!


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