2018 – in between – 2019

December 2018. Finding myself in York Art Gallery completely mesmerized by the paintings by William Etty. The 19th century York born artist and brother to my great-great-grandfather. Looking at his incredible artwork, I just couldn’t resist, I had to make sketches. And together with my son Dean William Etty we did some sketching right then and there.

My father Joe Etty couldn’t join us this time at the gallery in York, but he had a great artistic year! A brand new way of letting art flow onto linen has come to his oeuvre. His latest paintings are a true tribute to art. His flowers jumps of the paintings, clear and bright. And joy came entirely when Dean and my father started painting together. Pure joie de vivre is tangible in his atelier.

It’s like a beautiful walk through time and space in between the art of William Etty, Joe Etty, Dean Etty and mine. Flowing from discovering history, breakthroughs in new techniques and learning with passion. My way of thinking about art has envolved, but still, I like to play art! Looking for new ways to create, to paint and even exhibit our artworks. Combining different styles, like in our LevensLust exhibitions. In any respect, 2018 was a beautiful art year, for all of us.

With full energy and LevensLust we have entered 2019. Already new paintings have seen daylight. In June there will be a joined exhibition with brand new works.
Thank you all, for on following us at http://www.joeetty.nl and on Instagram, we will be keeping you informed.

Happy New Year !


Gepubliceerd door Randy Etty

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